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At Magicbot Technologies (Registered as Adya IT Services Pvt Ltd.), we are focussed on building the next generation of intelligent computing systems, adding capabilities that allow computers to perform functions which are predominantly manual today. For example, researching a topic, knowledge extraction from documents, summarizing text, breaking a subjective essay into smaller sections. These are all functions which are difficult to automate through IT.

The information technology as we know today, works on a deterministic model involving arithmatic, databases, defined logic charts, and established process flows. However, intelligence is acquired over a period of time, in a probabilistic mode. When you've seen a particular variety of plant enough times, you start to recognize it faster. The technology today is maturing to make artificial intelligence closer to reality. Our endeavour is to bring the latest in such technology advances and our own research to completely change the way business is done today. We love accepting challenges, and making cool products. Through our efforts, we strive to bring more transparency and a positive social impact.

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